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If you want to protect and beautify your residential or commercial property with quality and classic fencing, then you won’t go wrong if you choose wrought iron fencing and gates. At Phoenix Iron Fencing, we are committed to giving quality iron fencing to all our esteem clients in Phoenix, Arizona. Our wrought iron fencing is of high quality and creates a unique stately effect. In addition to enhancing your home’s curbs appeal, our quality wrought iron fencing will also provide security to your property. We will use our many years of experience to create a custom wrought iron fencing, gates and railing in-house that are durable. Regardless of the design that you are looking for (intricate or traditional design), you can be sure that our highly experienced and able experts will deliver high quality and long lasting wrought iron fences and gates that will meet your individual needs. Our wrought iron fences are made of prime steel zinc. They have also been coated with high-quality polyester and are available in different unique colors. Upon your approval, we can also install Iron Handrails, rail accessories and post caps to enhance the elegance and the overall value of your wrought iron fence.

Services that we offer

Fence installation

If your home or business needs strong fencing and iron railing that is durable and looks great, then look no further then Phoenix Iron Fencing. We
have a wide variety of residential and commercial wrought iron fencing that is of high quality. We will install high-quality custom design fencing that will meet your individual design and security features.

Fence repair

Fences, railing and gates need regular maintenance and repair because they wear and tear over time. If you have already installed a wrought iron fencing and want to repair broken part to improve its functionally and appearance, then our able team will make your dream a reality. We will repair our zinc fencing with quality wrought iron fencing that is durable. Our expert will survey the integrity of your whole structure to determine the kind of repair that it needs.

Temporary fencing

If you reside Phoenix, AZ and you are looking for temporary but quality fencing, then Phoenix Iron Fencing will give you exactly what you are looking for. Temporary fencing help to keep the public from accessing hazardous area or can also protect a construction site. We will install high quality temporary fencing that can withstand extreme pressure. That are also easy to maintain.


Phoenix Iron Fencing Experts

If you want to install or repair decorative railing, fence, gates, and rails made out of wrought iron, then we have what it takes to give you quality services that you are looking for. At Phoenix Iron Fencing, our main goal it to give our esteem clients in Phoenix, Arizona quality handrail installation that is unique and long lasting. Our staff is well trained to install and repair wrought iron fences for both residential and commercial properties. Our technicians will work closely with you to give you custom design wrought iron fencing that will meet your unique individual needs. Our services are also very affordable. We don’t push away clients simply because they are on tight budget. Instead, we work closely with them and even offer them a flexible payment plan. Don’t wait, contact us today and request a free quote. Our team is on standby ready to serve you.